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Quik-Therm Basement Insulation System in the Winnipeg Free Press…

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Fastest and easiest to install basement insulation on the market today.

Read what BIS customers are saying.

Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and your amazing insulation system.

When I did my research for the most cost effective and efficient method to insulate the basement of the house I just purchased I am so blessed to have crossed your path. The product you offered did exactly what I wanted and needed. It provided me with double the R factor for efficiency and also eliminated the need for any framing which saved me money and most important time.

My basement has a foot print of just over 2,500 square feet and you can instantly feel the effects with the warmth. I highly recommend this product and will continue to be an ambassador for you and your company.”

Gerald Boiteau – General Manager, Winnipeg Hundai

Government approved testing. Supported by building scientists.

  • Air, vapour, radon & radiant barrier, insulation & framing….All in one.
  • Tested by certified laboratories approved by the Canadian National Research Council.
  • Supported by leading building scientists.
  • Eligible for government energy savings programs.
  • Approved for the Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Program.
  • Environmentally responsible. No off gassing, No formaldehyde, Non Toxic.

When energy savings are considered, the cost of quality insulation and air sealing is really an investment.

lifetime warranty

We’re so confident in your satisfaction we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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Measure and price your basement.

Everything you need delivered right to your door.


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Infrared cameras detect temperature variations in walls.

Dark inconsistent colors indicate moisture, air leakage, thermal bridging and energy loss. Light uniform colors indicate a comfortable and healthy living environment and low energy bills. Spot temperature indicates the temperature of a specific area.

Batt Insulation and Studs

Quik-Therm BIS

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience when you install Quik-Therm BIS in your basement…

  • Save On Energy Costs
  • Increased Climate Comfort – Increase the comfort of your basement by up to 7 degrees.
  • Never Worry About Mold Or Mildew Again – BIS does NOT absorb water and will not promote mold/mildew.

  • Save Installation Time – Lightweight, quick & easy to install. Installs in about half the time of regular batt and studs.
  • No Thermal Bridging – Continuous foam insulation panels and stud design STOPS heat loss through framing members.
  • Environmentally responsible – contains recycled Expanded Polystyrene. Does not off gas or contain formaldehyde or VOC’s.
  • Unlimited Phone Support – If you have a question, give us a call. We’re here to help you. Call 1-855-909-9247.

Compare Quik-Therm BIS to other basement insulation systems.

Quik-Therm insulation technologies take advantage of what is readily available and explores what is practically achievable.

Sustainable building materials must be cost effective, provide superior thermal performance and health benefits. They must be non toxic, require minimal energy, minimal waste and pollution during the manufacturing and transportation process and contain pre or post recycled building materials.

See what our customers have to say:

My son in law & I (both Do It Yourselfer’s), together with the guidance from Ryan from Quik-Therm transformed a 1200 sq. ft. basement space from a cold, damp & mould infested area to a warm, dry & clean space using Quik-Therm insulation on the interior basement walls.

The preparation was the toughest. The poly, mouldy fiberglass & wood stud framing were removed & the concrete walls washed to remediate all the mould. Time cosuming but necessary to give us a clean starting point.

This was the easy part. The polymer laminated 4′ x 8′ tongue & groove insulation panels were light, joined together easily & attached to the concrete walls quickly. When necessary, cutting the panels to size was a breeze. Canned spray foam was used to seal the sill plates & panel joints providing a complete vapour barrier. No hazardous materials nor itchy fiberglass to handle. Levelling the metal stud walls was effortless using the joist & floor metal plates. The vertical metal studs attached to insulation panels using clips & self tapping screws. The roughed in wall system accomodates electrical installation. After the drywall was attached to the metal studs the wall felt strong & rigid.

The Quik-Therm panels are slightly more expensive than fiberglass, however the installation savings would be greater than the product cost differential.
As well , Quik-Therm insulation value exceeds codes, is Government approved & qualifies for Manitoba Hydro Energy Savings Program. We expect to realize some energy cost savings.

This is an ingeniously designed CANADIAN insulation system that was a perfect solution to our basement problems. It’s truly an innovative product supported by very helpful staff. I would highly recommend Quik-Therm to anyone considering an insulation project.”

Donald R Poustie, CPA,CA

“My basement was freezing. I knew I needed to reinsulate, but I wasn’t sure which
product to install. I am extremely paranoid about mold and had past issues with high
humidity and mold growth on my exterior framing. With the humidity issue solved I
needed to start from scratch. I was intrigued by this new “all in one” quicktherm
insulation. Not only would my basement be insulated, and I wouldn’t have to worry
about reframing all the exterior walls, the quicktherm BIS exterior wall studs are made of
expanded foam and wouldn’t mold like my previous wood frame. My basement was
insulated in September 2013, and there is a noticeable temperature difference. I was
previously unable to comfortably sit in the basement without a sweater and layers of
blankets. Now it’s just as warm, if not warmer than the upstairs space! I did not install
the product myself, so I cannot comment on its ease, but the installers (Ryan & Murray)
were very competent, friendly, and didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had about
their product. I would recommend!

Thanks guys.”

Tamara Ashlie
“We purchased a home with an uninsulated basement and knew we needed to add insulation and
reduce the energy loss. We looked at different options, but found the Quik-Therm product pro-
vided the best energy savings and value. The integrated studs is a nice feature and eliminates
thermal bridging from conventional studs. We noticed an immediate improvement in the
warmth of the basement and main floor. The furnace runs less and we realized immediate costs
savings on natural gas consumption. The installation was professional and quick. I would
choose Quik-Therm again and recommend it to anyone considering insulating a basement or
Dom Costantini | Construction Manager, BIRD Construction | Winnipeg District

“I insulated my own basement with the QuikTherm BIS system, and am very impressed with the results. Our guys were equally impressed when doing the install. In fact, because of the results I got in my home, we decided to help other home owners on Prince Edward Island by offering the system for sale. We are now providing the QuikTherm BIS for supply, or supply and install projects.”

Lucas Arsenault, Arsenault Bros Construction

“I’m very happy with my decision to install Quik-Therm BIS in my basement. The installation was painless, the improved comfort in the basement was immediately noticeable, and it was the only system that allowed me to insulate around existing angle-iron foundation braces in my basement, increasing my livable square footage versus a batt & stud system.”

Derek Henderson

“Thank you for introducing us to your Quik-Therm BIS
product. In the last couple months, we have noticed a huge difference in the temperature of the basement. After the insulation was installed, we saw an immediate increase in the temperature of the basement by 4 degrees. The install process was quick and left little mess. We have since finished the basement and found your product simple to work with for installing both electrical wiring and drywall.

We wish you all the best with this excellent product!”

Chris and Kelly Burt
“We recently constructed a new energy efficient home and utilized Quik-Therm in the walls, ceiling and basement. We were impressed at how durable, fast and easy all Quik-Therm products were to install.

The 2″ Quik-Therm Concrete Insulation was installed in the basement. Our contractor said it was a pleasure to work with; no itchy fiberglass, poly or sealants. He claimed he was able to install Quik-Therm in about half the time of fiberglass and wood studs and would relish the opportunity to work with it again.

Since the house is brand new, it’s too early to know exactly how low our utility bills will be. However what we do know for sure is; the basement is warm, dry and extremely comfortable.”

Denis Keating
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